Breaking BAD
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Are dictators abusing formal institutions in a backlash against democracy, or are formal institutions increasingly restraining the discretionary power of more-or-less democratic politicians?  



The perfect enemy: From migrants to sexual minorities

Siri Gloppen and Lise Rakner have written a CMI brief, reflecting on the "perfect enemy this electoral season" - and what Africa can teach the world here.


New publication: Electoral Politics in Africa since 1990

Nicolas van de Walle and Jaimie Bleck have published a new volume on elections in Africa from 1990 to 2015. It illustrates the different actors involved in elections, the different types of elections held, and the causes and consequences of such elections.


Panel on shrinking democratic space at MRdagarna

The Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MRdagarna) gathers domestic and international human rights activists in Sweden. Svein-Erik Helle participated in panel on shrinking democratic space in East Africa.


The pressure on civil society increases as democratic space is shrinking

In a new feature article in Norwegian newspaper Bistandsaktuelt, Siri Gloppen and Lise Rakner comment on the shrinking democratic space and its effect on civil society.

Electoral Politics in Africa since 1990

Jaimie Bleck, Nicolas van de Walle (2018)


Democratic Rollback in Africa

Lise Rakner (2018)

In Nic Cheeseman: The Oxford Encyclopedia of African Politics. Oxford University Press.

Do donors reduce bilateral aid to countries with restrictive NGO laws?: A panel study, 1993-2012

Kendra Dupuy & Aseem Prakash (2018)

in Non-Profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 

Strategies of Repression: Judicial and Extrajudicial Methods of Autocratic Survival

Fiona Shen-Bayh (2018)

In World Politics